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Steve is a South Bay based photographer specializing in events, portraiture and architecture.

Corporate Portraits on Location
We provide convenient, on-location portraiture. We come to you. Set up can be in a conference room
or an outdoor, environmental setting. Natural light is used whenever possible. Appointments are 20 minutes or
less. The employee's set is edited and provided to them via email. They select their portrait, it is retouched
and provided at print and Web resolutions.

Family Portraits
There's really no formula here. If there are young children in the shoot the methodology remains fluid.
We go into the process with an outcome in mind but it is a moving target usually requiring several takes
and occasionally a nap. We've found that kids do best in a familiar environment.

Events often start with a photo-booth setup. Strobes at night, natural light whenever possible.
Guests are invited to have their formal portraits taken upon arrival. Setup usually accommodates groups
of four, arguer groups are possible. Afterwards candid, journalistic coverage is provided. Presenters
are photographed. If time allows, anyone who's not had a formal portrait is invited to do so before the dinner.
Any toasts or awards are photographed. Unless there's dancing afterwards, coverage usually ends here.
The photos are edited and provided to the client for their selections. Those images are retouched and
provided at Web and print resolutions to the client.

An engagement portrait is created for the bride and groom.
Coverage of the special day usually starts with the wedding party getting ready.
Guests are photographed as they arrive. If the couple are seeing each other before
the ceremony, family portraits can be done in advance. Journalistic photography is provided
for the wedding, toasts, dinner and dancing. Images are edited and provided to the couple for
their selections. These are retouched and provided to the client for their album. They are also
uploaded to Steve Mauer's Web site for easy guest ordering. Albums can be created for the couple
and guests.

Steve photographs homes, most often for builders and Realtors. Rather than light the rooms to balance
window light (traditional method), rooms are bracketed. One exposure shows the windows properly exposed,
another favors the room. These are then composited in PhotoShop to give the appearance of traditional,
arduous architectural photography. After the exposures are combined and balanced, the angles of the
room are corrected to create a view (4x5) camera look. One big benefit to working this way is we're
only in the house for 30-45 minutes as opposed to all day, or night. Images can be provided optimized
for your particular MLS. A flier can be created which the client can print as many as they like.
High-res images are available at no additional charge.

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